Aline + Chambers, January 2023

January 6, 5-8pm


Megan Aline

Kevin Chambers

About the Exhibit

Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, “Wander Within,” features the works by nontraditional landscape painter Megan Aline, who paints landscapes within the silhouette of a figure. Her “inner-landscapes” as she calls them, will be accompanied by nature-infused terra-cotta busts from sculptor Kevin Chambers…

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Wander Within

Silhouette Landscape Paintings from Megan Aline accompanied by Terra-cotta Sculptures from Kevin Chambers

On view: Jan. 6 – 28

Opening Reception: Jan. 6, 5-8pm



Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, “Wander Within,” features the works by nontraditional landscape painter Megan Aline, who paints landscapes within the silhouette of a figure. Her “inner-landscapes” as she calls them, will be accompanied by nature-infused terra-cotta busts from sculptor Kevin Chambers. Aline says, “Both Kevin and I create works that are figurative but where the individual is also filled with nature.”  All are welcome at the Jan. 6 opening reception, where the artists will be on hand to answer questions from 5-8pm.


The titled of the show, “Wander Within,” Aline describes as, “A play on the idea of wandering through the forest while also reflecting inward. As a child I grew up exploring the Maine coast. I draw inspiration for my work from the moments as a child where I was by myself and able to let my imagination thrive.”


For this show, Aline has not only used her childhood imagination but also drawn inspiration from the women she references as models. “I look for women who naturally hold themselves with reverence. Even though you don’t see their faces, just their jawline and posturing tell you who they are.”


Chambers, who also uses live models for his sculptures says, “I am constantly inspired by everything around me and try to bring that to my work. I rarely start one of these pieces knowing exactly what direction I’m going; that usually finds me during the sculpture process.”


Chambers’ discovery process while sculpting compliments Aline’s organic way of creating. She said, “I find there needs to be a marriage between the three planes of my paintings – the background, silhouette, and landscape. I just keep exploring and painting until I feel it is right, until the figure feels full and her story feel authentic.”


As for Aline’s motivations for painting, she says, “There is a part inside all of us that is silently connected to the natural world. This interconnection, we often ignore in lieu of modern escapism but when truly immersed in nature I think everyone feels a sense of peace and calm.” 


This desire for reconnection can be seen in the piece titled, “Deeply Rooted,” where a rich red and grey forest fill a female figure.  Aline says of this 30 by 36-ich acrylic on panel painting, “I was recently introduced to the phrase, “let your root feed your crown,” which comes from a Robertson Davies book. It perfectly encapsulates the story of these silhouettes, whose strong roots, created with layers of paint and memory, form an inner-landscape.”    


A desire for connection also inspired Chambers who says, “I started adding the abstracted floral elements to the portraits as a representation of the simple act of looking at another person and actually seeing them. I see these sculptures more as transitional pieces, somewhere between this world and the next.”


This transient theme Chambers’ regularly explores in his bronze works but for this show, the terra-cotta allowed Chambers to work in different water based clay mediums from stone ware to Spanish porcelains. He said, “All of my bronze sculptures originally start as clay, so in that way they are the same. However, for bronze to come to life it has to go through several dramatic stages that inevitably change the original form, where the terra cotta is a more pure thought – conveyed directly from my hands to the finished piece.”


Overall the exhibit is both inspiring viewers to look outward into the natural world but also to feel and reflect on what is within.  Gallery owner Robert Lange says of Aline and Chambers’ work, “This duet of artists could not be more perfect. Both are intuitive creators that listen to their instinctive abilities and have something beautiful to say through their work.” There will be over 20 pieces in the show ranging from smaller 4-inch paintings to larger life sized 4-foot paintings, as well as a number of terra-cotta busts, allowing art lovers the ability to bring a little or a big piece of nature home with them.


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