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Cher’s House 20 | Feb

I saw 3 of my paintings in Cher's home in Hawaii. It had been put up for sale in 2010 and the photos were in an article about the sale. I couldn't believe it, I had to wipe my eyes and look again. Cher supposedly designed the house herself. Thanks Cher! - Ali

TIME Person of the Year 12 | Dec

Congratulations to Ali! A few weeks ago our artist Ali Cavanaugh was asked by TIME magazine to paint the Person of the Year finalist Taylor Swift. It was an amazing honor and milestone in Ali's already very successful art career and we couldn't be prouder.

Ali Cavanaugh Step by Step 21 | Mar

Listening without Hearing: An Aquabord Tutorial by Ali Cavanaugh.

Initially, I am inspired by the physical characteristics of the women that I paint, but am quickly drawn deeper into their emotional side. This connection I have with my subjects is often spontaneous and unexpected. I’m constantly in a state of awareness, taking in imagery, colors, and patterns that I, in turn, use to reflect...

Click here to read the full article and see the step-by-step:

New Ali Cavanaugh Paintings 18 | Feb

These two new Ali Cavanaugh pieces are on their way to the gallery. Both are watercolor on clayboard. Enjoy!

Up Close 18 | Sep

Ali’s paintings are so amazing they look even better the closer you get to them. Here are a few little detail moments. Enjoy

Ali’s Show 30 | Aug


The paintings have all arrived and are up on the wall. Enjoy!

Ali Cavanaugh in September 10 | Aug

Ali has been busy busy getting ready for her solo show in a few weeks. The paintings will be arriving this coming week and we can't wait to see them. Enjoy!

In the Works 21 | May



I'm working on a piece for my solo show in September that I'm very excited about. - Ali

Empty Kingdom Issue 22 23 | Apr

ali_cavanaugh 5 ali_cavanaugh 4 ali_cavanaugh 3 ali_cavanaugh 2 ali_cavanaugh 1 

I'm very happy to have been included in Empty's final issue. Sad that it's their final issue though. - Ali

Stripes 01 | Nov

It's always wonderful when one of our artist's paintings is in print and even better when something is featured in a hard cover book. Here is Ali Cavanaugh in "Stripes." Enjoy


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