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Sometimes I Forget Things… 11 | Sep finishing a painting once it has been painted. But with a glaze, a varnish, and a frame repaint, this one is done, done, done! Come drop by RLS to check it out, and this Friday night from 5-8pm will be opening night for our 15th anniversary show!!!

I’m So Close… 06 | Jun finishing this painting. So I thought I would post five photos of it so you can see what six weeks of painting looks like. Scroll down to go back to the first layer of paint







The New Painting… 22 | Mar its humble beginnings. Seven colors so far in this spare palette will make two feet by two feet of swirling water.

The Latest Long Skinny… 24 | Jan completely done! Drop by RLS to see it anytime... ul 134 (this is it) 3x52” oil on panel 2018 $10,000

New Year… 08 | Jan paintings on the easel.

Getting Closer… 15 | Dec finishing this painting. -jb.

Spending Thanksgiving in Illinois… 26 | Nov

...gave me the opportunity to study shapes that are definitely not native to the Lowcountry. Who knows? There might be a painting somewhere here... -jb.

The Second Layer… 14 | Nov

...of paint is going down, which means brighter mid-tones will lighten the sky and hopefully make it much deeper.

Sanding down… 05 | Nov

...the first layer of paint to get ready for the next. -jb.

Working My Way Across… 16 | Oct

...the first layer of this long skinny painting. -jb.


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