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Warmth 23 | Nov

I believe she’s finished! “Hawk Hollow” 18x24 oil on panel. Now, it’s time to get a good quality photo...


Work in Progress 08 | Nov


Coming along nicely. I really like how her body sinks into the colors and textures.


2020 ARC Semi-Finalists Announced 04 | Nov

2020 ARC Semi-Finalists Announced

So very happy to hear that three of my paintings have been chosen as semi-finalists in the 15th Annual ARC Salon. 


"To Those Who Dream” and "Midsummers Dream" were selected for both Figurative and Imaginative Realism categories, as "Come to Life" was selected for Figurative. 


There were nearly 5,000 entries in this world-wide competition, so I’m incredibly grateful my work is in the running! 




Missing This 12 | Sep

No wonder I’ve been feeling like I want to paint faces lately, it’s been two years! Here is my new work-in-progress about halfway in. I’ve missed this and I’m enjoying it so much!


In The Studio 02 | Sep

Artist photos 2020 pandemic homeschool style....


Brought Out 28 | Apr

Here is the painting oiled out. It looks a lot different, doesn’t it?

Rhapsody in Blue | 12x16


Carrot 24 | Apr

Over the half way mark. Needing to complete the table, then the water and Koi on the right. I will save Amorina for last, which I’m excited to get to... my carrot on a stick.

12x36 oil on panel


Learning Curve 01 | Apr

Being self taught, I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way… through trial and error. It’s been a long time though since I’ve run into an issue that has been costly in terms of time spent. This painting above - has given me unexpected challenges as I’ve never worked predominantly with yellow and blue. I’ve found both of these colors to be extremely transparent and difficult to work with. Now, I’ve learned what I need to do and I am past the hump. I’ve already started on a new painting with a rich blue background and it is going so smoothly because I’ve learned from this painting what to do.

As you can see, some parts have a sheen and some parts are dull - making the painting look really messy at this stage. I’ll post it again when I get rid of the dull areas and bring out all the color.



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