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June Stratton in March 17 | Jan

June Stratton’s show is in March!! we are looking forward to hosting June with a series of multi-dimensional paintings. 

About the ax painting above: This painting was hard to paint. It is loosely based on the real-life story of Lizzie Borden This painting originally was based on my own personal experiences with abuse and harassment. My protagonist wilds a bloody axe as a cinematic superhero as she has defeated those who have wronged her. I do not believe violence is a way to solve problems but painting it is a valid form of expressing my anger and cathartic.

Hickory/Reckoning is the darkest piece I have done to date, and I had to put it down for a few months in the beginning of the Ukrainian war…here I was painting sunflowers and depicting bloody violence at the same time it was happening.

Once I started to hear about the atrocities against women in Ukraine and more acts of violence in Iran, I felt a responsibility to finish this piece not just for myself but other people suffering globally.

In Process 22 | Sep

This is a detail of a painting going to the Process show in October.

In this wacky time of Covid 19 I have been thinking a lot about my process.

Before Covid 19 I might be working on 4-6 paintings at a time.

Now seems like a particularly good time to slow down and contemplate the
details more extensively.

This means for me no more than two paintings at a time.

So I can go all crazy with the realism in the areas that fascinate me like

There will also be the novel shenanigans in gilded texture within this
painting. More process later 🙂

~ cheers,


Casting Texture – Secco-Fresco 05 | Dec

My recent artwork has been influenced by Antonio Gaudi. I’m applying texture
elements within my paintings. These photos are a glimpse into my process.

The first photo is a detail of the completed American Beauty painting.

The second photo is an in-progress photo of American Beauty showing the
decision making as to where pieces of plaster casts should be placed in the

As in American Beauty there can be over 25 handmade plaster casts in each
painting. Some large area pieces for the background, then going to smaller
floral medallions and sometimes each petal or leaf is cast separately.

As seen in the third photo these casts are made by pressing usually organic
objects into clay then pouring plaster into the clay and pressing linen into
the wet plaster. When the plaster dries you can then peel the linen and
plaster cast away from the clay.

These pieces are generally very thin as shown in the last photo.

I cut each piece to fit into place. Then I adhere and fortify these casts
with modeling paste (marble dust and adhesive). After a drying period and
added sealer I can then paint or gild the secco-fresco.

Voila! New art beginnings!

~ June

A Beauty from June Stratton 16 | Nov

In process for April 06 | Mar


On my studio porch is “Raft” 36 x 36

Sarah and Nelle Iocovozzi my favorite models will appear again as part of my
duo show with talented Adam Hall “Oceana”.

It’s just around the corner. So excited!


On the easel today 03 | Feb

Almost finished with this piece for my show in April with Adam Hall.

Atlantic Siren 36×36

~ June

On my easel 04 | Jun

“Rainfall” Oil – Silver – Arches Oil Paper on Panel. In progress. Still a
bit to go. : )

Super excited for my show at RLS in August!!

* June

On my easel 26 | Nov


Celestial Roses

30 x 40 – Oil – Silver – Aluminum Panel

A little in progress studio shot. Lots of wispy hair to paint yet.

– June


Lip Gloss 18 | Sep

Beauty Secret * Windsor and Newton Artist’s Gloss Varnish * 😉


Still one of my favorite things to do 25 | Jul

Varnishing. “Small Breeze” for the upcoming 12 x 12 show. So excited!



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