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Mia + John 20 | Apr

Our artists Mia Bergeron and John McLeod just arrived to deliver the first batch of paintings for their show!!

Still Alive 27 | May

Really looking forward to this upcoming still life show. Each artist has added an element of life to their piece. 

New from Mia Bergeron 03 | Dec

I don’t know if I could love these more.

Encouragement 19 | Aug

This September, we’re coming up on the 15th anniversary of Robert Lange Studios being in existence. Personally, I’ve been with the gallery for 9 years this fall, and I’ve been looking back on everything that’s happened in those years. I started with RLS in November 2010 for the Women Painting Women exhibit they hosted. I had never been to Charleston, and I was not represented by any galleries. After the Women Painting Women whirlwind, I was invited by Rob and Megan to be represented by the gallery (insert image of insanely ecstatic person running around screaming and jumping proceeding that conversation).  In these nine years, the gallery has always taken my side, has always encouraged me to pursue my creativity relentlessly. As an artist, this road is very winding and and unclear, and  endeavors often end up being a meandering rather than a straight path. Never once has anybody at the gallery told me “you should do more of this to sell” or “we really don’t want this new direction you’re taking”. They have fearlessly stood by me since day one. They are the true meaning of what it is to invest in people. And trust me, when you invest in artists, it can mean A LOT of different things. So, as I have watched RLS change and grow and become this beautifully successful gallery, I’ve also gotten to witness and be a part of the other side of what people don’t always see- their fierce loyalty to their artists. That’s rare, and something to be celebrated. Hats off (or I guess in this case, ON and with feathers..) to 15 years!-Mia

Looking Back, Looking Forward 11 | Jan

Like a lot of people, this part of the year seems to be for being introspective into the past, and seeing what I can learn to inspire and support the upcoming year.
I started working with Robert Lange Studios in 2010 through the Women Painting Women show they hosted. I started my journey with them with the piece, “Blue Kimono”:

As an artist, I’ve taken different paths that have led me in all sorts of directions, as I’m sure they will in the future. I’ve worked with blurry images, paintings of women, still life imagery, heavily-textured paint applications- the gamut. I enjoy the wanderings, the questions, the mistakes (I’m not even sure I believe in mistakes in art). I’ve been lucky to be with the Langes and have them support all of my wanderings (literally, ALL the weird directions I’ve gone in..) I don’t forget how lucky I am.
This upcoming year, I plan to delve deeply into the magical/imaginary element that bumps into reality. I am a daydreamer, someone who can literally spend hours thinking and dreaming. I drive in my car and look at landscapes, and wonder what they would look like layered with the daydream I’m having- if my thoughts inhabited my reality. I’ve done this my whole life and have sort of compartmentalized it into just this “thing” I do. This year, I’m taking that stuff out of my head and putting it in paint. The people I love to paint, my muses, are going to travel. Below is a painting I did last year (sold) that sort of scratches the surface of what I mean. The ideas are endless, and I can’t wait to walk this road with you!

See you soon!


The mess behind a painting 15 | Aug

Sometimes we see paintings, even progress shots, and we don’t really get a sense of the amazing amounts of mess that go into making them. I though I’d share a few shots from my studio when I was setting up my most recent still life “Deciduous” for an upcoming show at RLS.  Look at all that crap!! I was searching for interesting arrangements and colors and narratives, so I brought ALL THE STUFF.  Here are also a few progress shots of my process of painting- I lay everything in fairly thick with a palette knife, looking to break the general values with lots of broken color.  I let that dry, then sand and paint over it, letting some of those colors come through. I liked painting this still-life. I’m finding narrative and subtle story to be something I’m more drawn to than ever right now. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for looking! Mia

Mia’s 17 | May







Expanding + Reflecting 6” x 24” oil on panel from Mia Bergeron.


Mia Bergeron 13 | Apr







Interview on John Dalton Podcast 09 | Oct

Hi, all! 
I’m pretty excited to have been interviewed on the “Gently Does It” podcast by John Dalton out of Kerry, Ireland! I talk a little bit about my creative process, some of the lessons I’ve learned in sloppily making art for 15 years, and just some general silliness:) Hope you enjoy!Ep 96 – Mia Bergeron : Aim For Your Own North Star – John Dalton – gently does it . . .

Ep 96 – Mia Bergeron : Aim For Your Own North Star – John Dalton – gently d…
Possessed of great humility, insight and flat out exuberance, artist Mia Bergeron was a joy to chat with. Based …


Mia + John’s Show is Coming Soon 10 | Apr


Mia and husband John are putting together a series of new works for next month! More, MUCH MORE, to come.


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