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Creating New Paintings in a New Studio 02 | May

Just before the Shelter In Place orders came through, I was able to meet
with my model Cyrena to create some magic with Red Ribbons for the upcoming
RLS group show. Not long afterwards, I packed up my paints, brushes, some
panels, an easel and taboret and created a studio in the corner of my
dining room. The light is lovely and a welcome spot to paint my latest
4-panel piece, Control.

Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot 01 | Dec

June and I were lucky enough to have twins model for us on one of our photo
shoot days in Savannah. We got some great shots of them together but also
were able to photograph them apart so I could capture motion and June could
capture portraits. From this session, I found a few images that I loved,
adjusted the color in post production when I got back to my studio in San
Francisco, developed the composition, and then painted my twirling images
on three different semi-transparent acrylic panels in different shades

Inside Out
44″ x 34″


Chrysalis 15 | Nov



This was the first oil painting that I started working on and just finished for the December show. The beautiful form created by model and aerialist Rachel on her backyard hoop, made me want to explore what it meant to protect yourself and the inner struggle to be seen. 
20″ x 24″ 

More to come!

Behind the Scenes 04 | Nov

For the upcoming duet December show at RLS, Double Vision, June Stratton and I decided to create a body of work based on the same models. Together we had 6 photo shoots over 4 days in Savannah and Charleston and we had the pleasure of working with some amazingly talented artist models, dancers and aerialists. (And staying at the lovely RLS apartment and hanging out with our family artist friends while we were in town!) It was an absolute joy to collaborate with June and our models, and it’s been incredibly inspiring to see our two different approaches for this new body of work.

More to come!

Aerial Artistry 27 | Jul

For this new body of work, I had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented and beautiful aerial artists.  We explored hoops, ropes, and fabric and the images we captured for my references were truly inspiring.

Amusement Park Reference Images 25 | Jul

Over the past several months, I’ve walked downmany midways, ridden loads of carnival rides and been to several shows to find theperfect reference images.  The Santa CruzBoardwalk in California has been one of my favorites. It’s only an hour south of San Francisco and situated on the PacificOcean.


New Hanging Sculptural Paintings 10 | Jul

For my upcoming show, IT’S SHOWTIME, I’m creating a few painting sculptures that will hang from the ceiling. This 4-panel piece is in progress and will be complete in the next week.


Work In Progress 04 | Jul


This new 3-panel painting is in progress and about 70% done. Still tons to add and more fun to be had with vibrant colors and expressive marks. This piece is on plan to be in Charleston for the August exhibition, It’s Showtime!



Modern Met Article! 29 | Jun

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