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Lange 10 | Feb

Here’s what Robert’s been up to. 

Kids Are the Best 15 | Feb

New from Robert Lange. 

Round 1 15 | May

Im working on a new still life once again involving legendary chef Sean Brock’s amazing tattooed arm. The fruits and veggies are so satisfying to paint but I couldn’t be more excited to start painting that glorious tattoo.

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Best wall ever 02 | May

It’s a little known fact that the wall outside the gallery is hands down the greatest spot ever to photograph a painting. The exposure is always perfect, the light and color tends to be spot on. As an artist, I feel lucky to have it.

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teamwork 02 | May

It has been quite a joy to work with my five year old daughter Teya on this new collaboration. I honestly think she out painted me on this one.

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connected 04 | Apr

Its becoming blatantly obvious that social distancing is affecting my compositions.

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Siblings sticking together 31 | Mar

Theres nothing that could make this father/artist happier than finding out the last 2 paintings of Teya and Bear are heading to the same collection. The clients told me they will be hanging together for the foreseeable future.

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Largest collab to date 31 | Mar

Here is the largest collaboration to date for Nathan Durfee and Robert Lange

Little and Big 31 | Mar

Sometimes when I want to make a large scale painting, I just fake it in a little painting. This piece is only 8” x 8”

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Only the good stuff. 31 | Mar



Right now I only want to focus on making work that evokes serenity, calm, levity, hope, peace, connection….you know, the stuff we need a little more of at the moment.

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