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Show Schedule 2023 30 | Aug

End of 2022

September – Nathan Durfee Solo

October – Group Show – The Birds + The Bees

November – Patrick Kramer + Robert Lange Duet

December – Joshua Flint Solo

2023 Show Schedule

January – Megan Aline Paintings + Kevin Chambers Sculptures

February – Group Show – Playing Favorites

March – June Stratton solo

April – Brett Scheifflee solo

May – Group Show – Seeds of Inspiration

June – Group Show – New Blood

July – Michelle Jader Solo  

August – Group Show – Cloudy

September – Nathan Durfee solo
October – Group Show – Versus

November – Matthew Bober

December – Little Landscapers

2022 Show Schedule 06 | Mar

2022 Show Schedule

January – Megan Aline

February – Kerry Simmons – colored pencil

March – KC Collins Solo

April – group show – The Listening Room (each piece is derived from a favorite song with is also title of piece)

May – Mia + John

June – group show – Many Moons -landscape or other fitting genre, each piece features the moon somewhere in the work

July – Fred Jamar Solo

August – Adam Hall Solo

September – Nathan Durfee solo

October – group show – Birds + The Bees

November – Patrick Kramer + Robert Lange

December – Joshua Flint Solo

2023 Show Schedule

January – Megan Aline

February – ??

March – June Stratton solo

April – Brett Scheifflee solo??

May – – group show – ??


2021 Show Schedule 03 | Dec

2021 Show Schedule 

January – No show – Just new works from Megan Aline – Silhouettes + Small Ones

February – Paul Cristina – Abstracts 

March – Jessica Gordon – Figurative 

April – Mini Solo (Google Sheet) – 20 Mini Solo Shows 4-10 works no larger than 8 x 10 

May- Brett Schiefflee – Landscape

June – Still Alive (2 paintings from 10 artists with still life and an element of life) – Matt Bober, Erik Johnson, Patrick Kramer, Patrick Nevins, Anthony Waichulis, George Ayers, Robert Lange, Diane David Craig, Denise Sanabria, Christopher Stott, Nicola Johnson, Both Hollingsworths, Cindy Procious

July – Trio – People Looking Forward – Adam Hall, Karin Jurick, Rob Lange, Jeff + Rob)

August – Fred Jamar – Cityscapes 

September – Matt Bober – Still Life

October – Favorite Color – In House Group Show 24 Artists pay homage to a color 

November – Nathan Durfee – Pop Surrealism 

December – KC Collins – Landscape 


2022 Show Schedule (Maybe)

January – No show but hang February show early

February – Joshua Flint ?

March – Kerry Simmons – Maybe even Landscapes ?

April – 

 May – Mia + John

 June – ….


2020 Show Schedule 04 | Oct

October – Mia Bergeron

November – Adam Hall
November – Vendue 19 – Glow (jury show)

December – June Stratton + Michelle Jader

January – No Show

February – KC Collins

March – Joshua Flint

April – Maybe no one at RLS
April – Vendue 19 Group (invitation for charity)

May – RLS GROUP “The Red Ribbon”

June – Nathan + Rob (Rob is gone for opening)

July – Karin Jurick (No art walk in July)

August – RLS GROUP 20 x 20” Landscape Show from 20 artists

September – Kerry Simmons

October – RLS GROUP – Mini solo shows

November – Nathan Durfee
November – Vendue 19 Group (jury show)

December – Adam Hall

January – No Show

February – Paul Cristina

March – Jessica Gordon

April –
April – Vendue Group

2019 Show Schedule 18 | Aug


September – Jessica Gordon Solo (Figurative)

VENDUE 26 September – The Feminine Now, highlighting female figurative artists from local Charleston galleries.

October – Group Invitational – Souvenir, Group Show of Still Lives with Objects

VENDUE 19 November – All the Blues, Group invitational at the Vendue

November – Brett Scheifflee Solo (Landscape)

December – Kerry Brooks Solo (Figurative)



January + February – Matt Story Solo (Figurative)

VENDUE 26 March – Matt Story Solo Continued

March – KC Collins Solo (Landscape)

April – Duet Robert Lange + George Ayers Shiny Objects (Still life)

VENDUE 19 April – Fortunate, Group show inspired by fortune cookies

May – In House Group Show – Perfectionists, Group show of detail oriented work

June – Nathan Durfee Solo

VENDUE 26 June – ??

July – Megan Aline + Brett Scheifflee Solo (Landscape)

August – Karin Jurick Solo

September – Group Show Poetry Show, paintings inspired by poems or Maybe 100 show ?

October – Mia Bergeron Solo

VENDUE 19 October – ??

November – Adam Hall Solo (Landscape)

December – Susan Harrell Solo


In October RLS will be having a still life show with a twist. Robert Lange explains, “ For this show we thought it would be fun to display the actual objects that the artist’s have been inspired by and then let the collector take that object home along with the painting.” They gallery has invited 25 artists to participate. Following that will be a solo show of pristine landscapes by artist Brett Scheifflee, who says, “Like everything we make, desire precedes existence, it seems a love of the soft and subtle must have occupied the thoughts of artists for many many years and we should be thankful it did, as we now have oil paints.”  Scheifflee’s painting style is a contemporary update of the American landscape tradition and continually exceeds the expectations of collectors.  This series in particular demonstrates his ability to meticulously render the details of the landscape in which he is immersed. Following Sheifflee’s show will be Kerry Simmons solo show. For this show Simmons will primarily be working in egg tempura, a paint tradition that is reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth. Tediously painted, the surface of Simmons’ new works are unmatched. The beginning of 2019 starts with a solo show by Matt Story, highlighting contemporary underwater figurative painting. These series will be his first show following a successful exhibit at the Chapin Museum. Story’s pieces are very recognizable and enthusiastically collected.

Looking Ahead, 2017 Schedule 03 | Sep

September – Matt Story

October – Michelle Jader + Robert Lange

VENDUE 17 October – Cats vs Dogs

VENDUE 26 November – Sara Golish

November – Joshua Flint

December – Nathan Durfee

January + February – The Color of Water 

VENDUE 26 March – Fred Jamar (map)

March – Karin Jurick

April – June Stratton + Amy Lind

VENDUE 19 April – Food Themed (Cookbook) 

May – Landscape Group Show – Large Paintings

June + July – Trompe l’oeil Group Show

VENDUE 26 June – Southern Gallery Highlight

August – Michelle Jader

September – Jessica Gordon

October – Still life w/ Objects

VENDUE 19 October – ??

November – Brett Scheifflee

December – Kerry Brooks

January + February – Poetry Show (typewriter) 

2016 Show Schedule 26 | Mar

I thought I already posted this but I guess not. Here’s a look at the rest of the year!!

VENDUE 26 January 26 – Celebration of Fred

February – Introducing Matt story

VENDUE 26 February 25 – Michael Mitchell Guest Exhibit

March – Kerry Brooks, Holly Wilson, Jessica Gordon

April – June Stratton Solo

VENDUE 19 May 19 – Group Show NY Academy of Art

May – Landscape Group Show of remnants of manmade structures fading into nature

June + July – Michelle Jader Solo

VENDUE 26 June 16 – Principle Gallery Exhibit

August – Adam Hall Solo

September – Karen Ann Myers Solo

October – Group Show at RLS 12” x 12” paintings (charity for our scholarship program)

VENDUE 19 October – Group Show themed animals Lions and Tigers and Bears

November – Nathan Durfee Solo

December – Joshua Flint Solo

2015 Show Schedule 30 | Jan

2015 Show Schedule

January – No Show, just new work from everyone.

February 6 – 10 YEARS!!!! At our gallery we have our 10th Anniversary of RLS Group Show with the theme being 10. All in-house artists and a few friends will be making 10″ x 10” works and we will be donating 10% of the proceeds to our scholarship fund in the name of John C. Doyle. Also, at 26 Vendue we are part of the Gibbes Museum’s “Works on Paper” show with pieces from Kerry Brooks and Amy Lind.

March 6 – We will have new paintings from Kerry Brooks including some Klimt inspired pieces.

April 3 – Nathan Durfee collaborates with a bunch of local artists including Kevin Taylor, Ahren Hertel, Patch Whiskey, Karen Ann Myers, Hirona Matsuda, Eric Johnson, Megan Lange, Robert Lange, Gregg Carr, and Brett Schieflee. Nathan says, “This show is primarily driven by my curiosity of how my style with blend other contemporaries. I intentionally picked artists with a variety of styles and backgrounds, so not only will this showcase our talents but also our adaptability. The end result, much like blending musical genres, will be a unique blend that plays to our individual strengths.”

May 1 – Art Walk – Michelle Jader will be having a solo show including paintings of people moving dynamically through spaces in her multi-layered works. Also in May, we will be curating the next show at 19 Vendue, Charleston’s Art hotel with a theme of water, motion, and flow.

June 5 – Spoleto – Joshua Flint’s solo show will be in June and we have a some really interesting visual works planned incorporating projected images.

July – CFADA Palate + Palette – Robert Lange + Erik Henry Johnson will be putting together a body of work where Robert makes quite “still” paintings and Erik makes works dominated by “movement.” This show will most likely be the second Friday of July but I’ll keep you posted. 

August 7 – Adam Hall + Megan Aline are pairing up to make really big and really small paintings. Adam’s will be painting amazing landscapes and Megan will be making a bunch of very small works.

September 4 – Karen Ann Myers just finished a museum and institution tour with her last body of work and we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s next for her.

October 2 – Art Walk – Nathan Durfee Annual Solo Show, where he will create a series that tells the next chapter in an ongoing story.

November – CFADA Weekend – Matt Bober, new to RLS this past year, will have a solo at RLS with his macabre still life works and over at 19 Vendue we will have a themed group show. I’m not sure which weekend these two shows will open but I’ll keep you posted.

December 4 – Art Walk – Brett Scheifflee is a welcome addition to the Charleston art community with his amazing landscapes. We plan on introducing him with his first solo show in style.

2016 Show Schedule (2016 is pretty far away so these might change)

Jan. – No Show – hang Charles Williams Show

February 5 – Charles Williams museum series, including some amazing larger water paintings will be coming to the gallery.

March – Ali Cavanaugh

2014 Show Schedule 09 | Nov

We’re getting geared up for next year and have a great line-up of shows on the horizon.  All shows, unless it says below, will be the first Friday of the month from 5-8, sometimes I like to say 6-9pm since it seems to be a more realistic time frame of what actually transpires.


January 11 – No Show – I say no show, however, Charles Williams will be putting together a body of small paintings and has asked the gifted students from his painting program (all teenagers) to make two small works each to accompany their teachers work for the opening.  The work will hang in our upstairs gallery space from the 8th – 11th.  All the works including the students will be available for purchase.

February 7 – Jessica Dunegan – Jessica is creating a series of underwater pieces with her signature style of mixed media, including paint and resin, to create the feeling of floating.

March 7 – Art Walk – Robert Lange – Robert has been working to create a series of large scale works of small transcendent moments.

April 11 – Landscape Show – This will be an in-house group show of seven artists creating four works each with a theme of “Elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.”

May 2 – Art Walk – Amy Lind – Amy has been gathering flowers to adorn her models with and that’s all we know so far.

June 6 – Spoleto – Karen Ann Myers – Karen just finished a museum and institution tour with her last body of work and we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s next for her.

July ? – Palate & Palette – Erik Johnson – This show will be during Palate & Palette, which is usually the second Friday of the month but it has not been announced yet.

Aug. 1 – KC Collins – KC’s last show was very memorable; the entire series sold in the first few weeks of being on the wall.

Sept. 5 – Mia Bergeron & Sergio Lopez – Sergio is new to RLS, so we decided to team him up with Mia for a duet. Both artists work very intuitively with bold strokes. Each artist will make about 10 new paintings.

Oct. 3 – Art Walk – Adam Hall – Adam’s will be painting amazing cloudscapes, I say cloudscapes instead of landscapes because often times the clouds steal the show.

Nov. 7 – CFADA Weekend – Realist Guild Group Show – The International Guild of Realism has asked us to host their annual juried exhibition.  This will be our largest group show since Women Painting Women and visitors can expect to see some of the best realism from around the globe.

Dec. 5 – Art Walk – Nathan Durfee – Nathan will create a series that tells the next chapter in an ongoing story.

Group Show Painters 03 | Aug

We are very excited to announce the artists that have been chosen for this November’s North vs South group show and want to especially thank guest judge Ethan Diehl for helping us with this year’s show theme and selections.




RLS Artists:
1. Sergio Lopez
2. Robert Lange
3. Nathan Durfee
4. Ali Cavanaugh
5. JB Boyd
6. Erik Johnson
7. Megan Aline
8. Joshua Flint
9. Kerry Brooks 
10. Michelle Jader
11. Fred Jamar
12. Karen Ann Myers
13. Adam Hall 
14. Amy Lind
15. Jessica Dunegan
16. Charles Williams
17. Mia Bergeron
18. KC Collins


Guest Artists:

19. Alia El-Bermani
20. Amylee
21. Anne-Marie Kornachuk
22. Cindy Procious
23. Arturo Samaniego
24. Matthew Bober
25. Greta Ault Van Campen
26. Jhina Alvarado
27. June Stratton
28. K Henderson
29. Frank Gonzales
30. Shane Scribner & Sara Scribner
31. Tony Chimento
32. Henry Schreiber
33. Candice Bohannon
34. Sarupa Sidaarth
35. Brett Scheifflee
36. Hilary Siber
37. Ryoko Tajiri
38. Amy Guidry


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